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Who We Are

Penny Christidi is a handmade Greek brand. Was launched in 2010 and in 2012 the first kourelou bag collection was created and "kourelou" meant to be the key material of the brand. 
Penny Christidi combines the Greek element, the bohemian style with modern fashion trends and unexpected fun elements and fabrics.

"Every product is a piece of me!

Fun. Liberated. Unique."

Working at Penny Christidi
Here at Penny Christidi we strive to create a soulful culture and that involves committed, passionate employees. We foster this culture through hiring and retaining smart, creative people who through communication and collaboration are able to deliver the story of our brand. With that in mind, some of the experiences that we look for in our prospective employees include:

  • Fashion experience

  • Extracurricular activities

  • Passion for creativity

  • Relevant job experience

Interview Tips

"Essentially when I interview someone, I ask myself:

Does this person LOVE Penny Christidi? This is a deal breaker... they have to feel it heart and soul as i do.
Do they understand our aesthetic while also having their own point of view? Exceptionally creative,
independent people thrive.
Does this person have a GOOD and KIND personality? "

What We Look for in Employees
Passion / Happiness / Professionalism / Commitment / Creativity / Hard work / Honesty / Focus/ Loyalty / Spirit / Intelligence / Pride / Curiosity / Kidness






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Πάντα αναζητούμε δυναμικούς και ταλαντούχους συνεργάτες!

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